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Advanced Schools Website Package

Whatever way you want to communicate - the school system does it all!

From working with 1000's businesses and schools for over 15 years we understand how systems play a critical role in today's world and that your time is limited. We know it is difficult to keep up with technology as well as manage the ongoing demands of parents.
The good news is we have the solution you've been waiting for...

Why Choose PowerSites Schools?

  1. Professionally designed to compliment your logo and colours
  2. Easy page management to create pages, add text, images, documents & play your media
  3. Smart all-in-one systems to manage and schedule repetitive tasks by simply filling in online forms
  4. Communication tools to help connect with parents via desktop, tablet, smartphones and apps (email, SMS, alerts)
  5. Unriviled security that guarantees your data and content is and always be safe
  6. Trusted and proven technology with over 900+ clients and operating for 15 years
  7. Included product updates means you will never need to buy another website and worry about hidden costs or surprises
  8. Help when you need it from real people from purchase and many years ahead
  9. 100% lifetime website guarantee meaning if you ever have a problem we'll fix it for FREE